The Best Marriage Advice from a Divorced Woman…

You can treat this one as a guide to your married life…

Coming from a woman who has been divorced after seven years of marriage, these guidelines should come handy in times of need. A relationship always works two ways. Both the husband and the wife should invest in it equally. Although here are some tips for the wives:

1. Seeking out the best in him: There are many things you like and do not like in your partner. Try to focus on the former kind of things.

2. Having $ex with him: Physical intimacy is as important as an emotional one. Having $ex with your husband on a regular basis shall keep things steamy between you.

3. Seeking good counsel from older women who have had successful marriages: Sometimes all you need is a piece of good advice to stop you from making wrong decisions.

4. Allow him the brain freeze: Give him the time he needs to spend all by himself.

5. Do not try to dwell much on changing and fixing him: It might sound exciting, but do not treat your partner as a case study.

6. Compliment him on his manliness: Everybody feels good to be a little praised now and then. Then why should your husband not get some compliments?

7. Laughing at his jokes: People want to be funny or act funny even when they are not. In your husband’s case, just play along.

8. Take responsibility for your actions: Stand up to what you do. Do not blame it on your spouse all the time.

9. Do not start your gossips and complaints the moment he gets home: He has come back from work. He has already had enough for the day.

10. You should be there when he needs you: That’s how a relationship grows. That’s how you two shall grow together.

11. Avoid talking about other men: Do not give him the inferiority complex. You do not look like Princess Diana either.

12. Giving him some space: Every person has the right to enjoy some of their own space and time. Your husband sure does too.

13. It is okay to be a little vulnerable: There is nothing wrong in opening up about your fears and anxieties to your better half.

14. Allow your husband to love you the way he wants: It is true that everybody has expectations. But you should not keep comparing your husband’s love to your expectations. In this way, you are going to miss the best moments in your relationship.

15. You should be transparent as a person: Do not hesitate to be an open book. Transparency aids in building trust in a relationship.

16. Do not humiliate him in public: You should not even think of doing it. You should always have his back in public even if you think otherwise. Have your discussions and fights behind closed doors. The public should only witness the love and bond you share.

17. Things to bond you together – common hobbies, goals and dreams: What’s better than you two sharing the same dreams and goals in life? In that way it is even easier to work on them.

18. Accept his past: If you want to be a part of his present, you have to do this.

19. Financial issues should not bug your relationship: Finances are a common factor of argument in every marriage. But do not let that come in between you two.

20. You should be loving and forgiving: The most important one was saved for the last. Without these two things, no marriage can exist.

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